Many of us search for and desire it,  but for most of us, its presence is far away.   When it does find us, we feel at ease, we feel calm, we sense joy, and we relish every moment.  The only trouble is, when it finds us, it seems that it does not stay long. There is always some situation, some person,  some deadline,  some urgent matter…. some THING,  lurking on the outskirts of our lives waiting to steal it away from us.   And once it’s gone, we feel abandoned,  neglected,  FORGOTTEN, and we wonder, why it doesn’t stay? Why must we face so much of life without its presence?

This “Presence” I speak of is PEACE.   Many of us spend most of our lives,  hoping to get through this or that moment in life in order to get back to peace, balance, equilibrium.  In fact, we accept chaos. We welcome it with wide-open arms because we expect it.  Peace is elusive,  right?  So  we  frantically double circle,  asterisk , and underline dates on calendars, emphasizing vacations, birthdays,  holidays, off days,  pay days,  moments in time where we expect to have an audience with Peace. Dates and times where we expect to have  just a moment to breathe,  to gather our thoughts, to  pause the “rat-race” of life, and just “REST“,  a moment without worry!

After chasing this deadline, that meeting,  putting out that “fire,” responding to that text, and making it to that service,  can we just have a moment?  Can we press “pause”  and cease the performance?  The business of living with smiles plastered across our faces, neatly dressed, every hair in place, and completely hinged,  in order to uphold public personas that we have created to trick  people into thinking we are bold, strong,  and have it all together.  After all, people must believe we are “OK”. No one can know that these faces crumble with tears pouring out of them once we are safely tucked into our beds under the darkness and silence of night.  No one can know about the thoughts we have when we’re staring into mirrors picking ourselves a part because for one reason or another, we are not measuring up. No, we must be OK!

In our society, being ok is not optional , it is a must!! So we work tirelessly to create “ok.”  Because, if we’re ok,  people will accept us, they won’t question our value, they will hear us…

I don’t know about you, but I am fed up with living this life where Peace is an anomaly  and chaos is the norm.  I am tired of ignoring the signs my body is screaming to me, letting me know I’ve gone too far. I am toiling too much, and trying too frantically to live a  life of  PROVING more than I am resting!  At some point, we have to realize that this life of constant BUSYNESS, is not the life our Heavenly Father planned for us!

What if I told you that Peace is a part of your inheritance as a Daughter of the King?  What if I told you that we have been being disrespectfully tricked into this life of  frantic pursuit? What if I told you that God’s will is that we are continually in a state of REST!  What if I told you that we can retire from the busyness of striving, proving, and desperately holding it together?

Well, that, my sisters, is exactly what I have come to share with you. Over the next several weeks,  I want you to join me on a journey of discovery that is intended to lead you on the path of PERFECT- CONTINUAL PEACE!  Peace that is consistent.

Let me caution you,  I am not talking about the peace this world has to offer either. I am taking about Divine Peace that has NOTHING to do with what is going on outside of you, and  EVERYTHING to do with what’s going on inside of you!

It is time for us to unite together and surrender to the “Inside Job” that  our Heavenly Father has been inviting us into all along!

It was Jesus who said in John 14:27

I am leaving you with a gift–peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid. (NLT)

“… A gift the world cannot give,” that is the Peace I want us to be re-introduced to. This is the gift that is essential for us to unwrap and use as a weapon against EVERY distraction that our enemy tries to plague us with.  Peace that DISRUPTS negative self-talk,  and SHUTS-DOWN the joy-stealing comparison game. Peace that ALLOWS forgiveness, and LETS GO of the past.   Peace that grants you and I PERMISSION to live lives of FREEDOM, which seek Heaven’s Applause only!

I am talking about Peace that lights up our eyes and allows us to live in a continual state of authenticity.  A state of being that is not characterized by everything being circumstantially perfect, but it is marked by our uncompromising surrender to our Heavenly Father, who has this unlimited resource of Peace that He longs for us to possess!

I hope you will join me on this journey of discovery!  I welcome you to subscribe to our blog, and check out our upcoming events page HERE  to  find our virtual meeting points for the month of September so we can go deeper in this discussion!

I would love to hear your thoughts,  please feel free to respond in the “comments” or you can email us here. 

I love you, and I am praying for you!


Delanea D.



Delanea Davis founded Kingdom Daughters United 5 years ago, and she serves as the Lead Facilitator of the community.  She has been married to her husband,  Dock Davis IV,  whom she affectionately calls her, “Favorite Human,” for 14 years.  Known to many as “The Hope Reviver,” her chief purpose is to resuscitate hope in the lives of those who have found themselves on spiritual life support.  With her purpose in mind, she passionately serves the women of KDU by loving, encouraging, supporting, and holding them accountable to keeping their hope living, as they pursue their life’s assignment. You can enjoy more of her writing by visiting her personal blog, ThoughtsByD.


4 thoughts on ““Peace I Give” Part I: The Gift The World Cannot Give

  1. I so needed to read this about PEACE, the peace that our Lord and Savior spoke of! Thank you and may God continue to bless the KDU!! Blessings with abundance of love, Val Perry Mabry


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