It’s  not only a new month,  but also a new quarter!  A new quarter + a new month is a wonderful opportunity for you and I to evaluate our progress so far this year. With 3 more quarters left to make 2018 our best year, this is the perfect time for reflecting on the lessons that we’ve been blessed to encounter in the 1st quarter of this year.

Proper reflection is the pathway that leads to proper application of our learning opportunities. Proper application leads us to incorporating adjustments that yield good fruit into our lives.

Proper reflection involves you spending dedicated time alone in prayer, listening to God’s guidance, and deciding WHAT YOU REALLY WANT! Until you decide what you REALLY want, you cannot narrow down what your focus should be.  When you consider the goals you set for 2018, more importantly than questioning if you did or did not take the necessary steps toward accomplishing those goals in first quarter, consider the value of those goals.  After your reflection time, you will be able to decide if you even need to accomplish the goals you set. Your reflection time will also give you the clarity to determine if God has disrupted your plans, and presented you with new plans to pursue.

In an effort to help you reflect well, I want to provide you with several journal prompts to jumpstart your reflections on 1st quarter.

* Think about the encounters you have had with God, What has He been consistently whispering to you? Are you listening with your actions?

* Think about the people you have been in consistent contact with over the past 3 months, Are these relationships adding to or subtracting value from your life? Do you need to put effort into making healthier connections?

* Were you an active participant in your growth or were you on auto pilot? 

* Did laziness, doubt, or fear make any appearances in your world over the past 3 months? If so, what was your response?

* What deposits did you make, actually or figuratively, and were your investments made into “good ground” where you are sure to yield a return?

In addition to the journal prompts,  I would also like to provide you with several specific questions that will help you to reflect well, celebrate well, and adjust well, as you enter the 2nd Quarter!

1). What have you learned about yourself in the past 3 months?

2). What/ Who do you need to consciously release as you prepare to enter the 2nd Qtr?

3). What do you need to stop and celebrate about the past 3 months? What are you proud of yourself for?

4). What do you need to take responsibility for about the past 3 months? What is your greatest area of opportunity?

5). a. What is the 1 adjustment you need to make that will positively “Change the Game” in your life?

b. What specific step/s will you take to make this adjustment?

c. How will you hold yourself accountable?

6).  a. List 1 Goal that you will accomplish each month in the next 3 months.?

b. Why do each of these goals matter to your purpose?

7). How can you pour into your relationship with God consistently?

I hope you engage in this opportunity to  reflect on your progress so far this year.  It is important that you celebrate your victories, apply your lessons, and  make the necessary adjustments to ensure you are positioned to excel in your purpose.

Here’s to a wonderful 2nd Quarter!!


Delanea D.


Delanea Davis founded Kingdom Daughters United 5 years ago, and she serves as the Lead Facilitator of the community.  She has been married to her husband,  Dock Davis IV,  whom she affectionately calls her, “Favorite Human,” for 14 years.  Known to many as “The Hope Reviver,” her chief purpose is to resuscitate hope in the lives of those who have found themselves on spiritual life support.  With her purpose in mind, she passionately serves the women of KDU by loving, encouraging, supporting, and holding them accountable to keeping their hope living, as they pursue their life’s assignment. You can enjoy more of her writing by visiting her personal blog, ThoughtsByD.

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